READS: Meanwhile, In Contraceptive-Occupied Great Britain…

So five years ago — perhaps longer — the government gave the green light to fit girls with hormone releasing implants that are inserted under the skin of the upper arm, The Telegraph reports. So-called sexual health clinics have performed this minor surgery on thousands of girls — without, of course, consulting their parents. They have been administering the contraceptive jab, as well.

According to the NHS Information Centre, about 7,400 girls aged 15 or under had implants or injections last year, up from 2,900 in 2005/6. This included 2,500 who had injections last year, up from 2,100.

The aim is to get the number of pregnancies down. It doesn’t matter that the girls are below the age of consent and are being “protected” from the consequences — correction, only one consequence and not necessarily the worst — of statutory rape.

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