Reference Info: No-Fault Divorce Dates by State

One of the things that makes it difficult to track the Divorce Revolution of the late ’60s and ’70s (and its many dire consequences) is the fact that, after California “started” the revolution on January 1, 1970, the effective date of the Family Law Act of 1969, it’s not really clear which states adopted no-fault divorce and when.  Dates are hard enough to come by, and differing standards of what “counts” as no-fault divorce law makes it even harder to track.

I just read (well, skimmed) a very interesting little paper called The Effective Dates of No-Fault Divorce Laws in the 50 States, by Ashbaugh Vlosky and Pamela A. Monroe, published in the October 2002 issue of Family Relations.  The article is under copyright, so, because American copyright law remains entirely dysfunctional and largely insane, I can’t share the whole thing with you.  However, per the article’s terms of use and the U.S.’s Fair Use doctrine, I can share with you a single table.  This one:

I’m going to leave it here for reference.  Maybe one day some adventurous Wikipedian will come along and document it for the WP article on no-fault divorce in the United States.  I will, of course, refer to it frequently, and, since no one reads this blog, it is mainly for my benefit anyway.

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