Romney/Obama as Baseball: 26 October

It looks like the Obamaniacs have finally got their pitching problems worked out!  All they had to do was put their main man on the mound.  He’s not doing anything special, nor anything we haven’t seen a million times before, but it’s doing the job and holding the line.

As we enter the home stretch (did you enjoy Lena Dunham‘s rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”?), the pace of the game has slowed dramatically — which is good for Team Obama, which continues to hold a narrow lead of Obama 7, Romney 6 here in the Top of the 8th.  Romney’s baserunner has not been able to advance to second (and scoring position) thanks to a ground out from this week’s debate.

Team Obama will win this game 74% of the time. According to, President Obama has a similar probability (73%) of winning re-election.

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