Romney/Obama as Baseball: 3 November: THE LAST INNING

It is now the top of the 9th and final inning.  Despite a few scattered base hits, the score has not changed since Romney’s big inning in the 6th.  The 8th inning saw five strikeouts between the two teams, but you wouldn’t know it from all the foul balls and near-misses the batters knocked around before finally eating dirt.

The score remains Obama 7, Romney 6 as both ballclubs prepare for their final at-bats.  This is baseball, folks: anything could happen!

Still, the Obamaniacs will win this game 84% of the time, which is the same probability gives the President’s re-election campaign.

(NOTE: I don’t entirely buy into Mr. Silver’s model at the moment, as I suspect the polls are somewhat biased this cycle.  See my explanation here.)

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