NOTICE: Will Build Websites for Life

Update 7 October 2016: The response to this post has been even greater than I hoped, thanks be to God.  I have been contacted by several pro-life organizations and am working with them first-come, first-serve.  My door is always open to more, so feel free to reach out — it might just take me a while for me to get to your website.

If you represent a pro-life organization*, I want to help you.

My schedule makes it difficult for me to volunteer for pro-life service in the conventional way.  Nearly all of my free hours are after 10 PM, and most pro-life organizations need volunteers during the day.

However, by day, I am a web developer. I create and maintain websites for my employer, and I also create the occasional website in my spare time. (For a recent example of my work, see here.) I’m no genius, nor have I ever freelanced before, but I’ve been doing Web design for a few years. I know HTML5, I can build responsive websites, and I can tell you which Internet buzzwords you need to worry about (“mobile experience”) and which ones you probably don’t (“mobile app”).

I would be grateful for the opportunity to build, update, maintain, or otherwise help out with your pro-life organization’s website. I will work with you to define your vision for the website, I will implement your vision as best I can, and I will leave you with the tools you need to keep things running smoothly afterward. I will do this free of charge, working for a few hours a week, on what I expect will be a first-come first-serve basis.

So, if you represent a pro-life organization with an outdated website, write to me at  If you know a pro-life organization that could benefit from this, mention this to them.  I just want to help in the best way that I can.

* By “pro-life organizations,” I mean organizations that are expressly, primarily dedicated to creating legal protections for unborn humans, or to assisting needy mothers and their children (born and unborn) so that both moms and kids are able to live the happy lives they deserve. There are plenty of worthy causes out there that fall under the broader umbrella of the “consistent ethic of life,” but abortion is the particular area where I feel compelled to help out right now.

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