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Re-Up: Just War Theory Tested in Syria

Four years ago, I wrote a piece for this blog analyzing proposed military strikes against Syria. Back in 2013, ISIS didn’t really exist in Syria yet; the major rebel group was the al-Nusra Front, affiliated with al-Qaeda. The President was still … Continue reading

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Betsy DeVos is Not the Schoolpocalypse

The past few weeks, I’ve been forced to spend a lot of time playing the game “Not That Bad.” The rules of this game are simple: President Trump implements a bad policy, makes a bad decision, or says a bad thing, which is … Continue reading

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It’s Okay To Feel Okay

Alternate Title: “3,000 Self-Indulgent Words About My Feelings” My wife and I learned different things about feelings when we were growing up. My wife was taught that, “Whatever feelings you’re feeling are okay.” (It was how you acted on your … Continue reading

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Trump, Brexit, and Our Uncertain Election

A few weeks ago, Trump supporters were talking about how their man was going to win even though all the polls showed him losing, “just like Brexit!” Those of us who knew something about Brexit said this was stupid, and rightly … Continue reading

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Putting on the Web Developer Hat For A Second…

This probably isn’t of much interest to most of you who read this blog, but Mozilla just struck a major blow for online security and — as importantly — accountability.  Quick-and-very-dirty layman’s explanation: Much of the invisible infrastructure of the Internet depends … Continue reading

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Trump for Thee but Not for Me

Oh, look, another comment on the 2016 election. I can’t seem to escape it. At least I’ve made it a whole year without ever using a Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton photograph as a featured image. One of the things … Continue reading

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TRUMP!: What Happened?

Not even a month ago, it seemed that the Republican nomination would likely be decided in Cleveland at a contested convention. Wisconsin had voted overwhelmingly for Ted Cruz over Donald Trump. Cruz was sweeping up delegates in the so-called “shadow primary,” … Continue reading

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