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Short and frequently unfair.

Vox: Pedantic and Unproductive Microaggressor

Furthermore, any behavior or language which is unwelcoming—whether or not it rises to the level of harassment—is also strongly discouraged. Much exclusionary behavior takes the form of microaggressions—subtle put-downs which may be unconsciously delivered. Regardless of intent, microaggressions can have … Continue reading

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The Cynic’s Guide to 2016: Unflattering Assessments of Presidential Candidates

Every time I see a presidential candidate, there’s a little voice in my head that asks, “Sure, that’s what they’re saying.  But what are they really thinking?”  This is a cynical voice, and it’s often quite wrong, but, in politics, it’s … Continue reading

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Santorum: “If government is going to get smaller, then people have to get bigger.”

Quote of the day.  A very good reminder to me and many of my friends on the Right, perhaps especially my libertarian-leaning fellow Ron Paul supporters. We can, in our zeal against Big Gubmint, sometimes forget that one of the … Continue reading

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Romney: Still a Second-Rate Candidate

Gov. Romney’s entire campaign pitch is, “Sure, I’m boring, vacuous, and not particularly conservative, but I have business experience that will appeal to independents, and I’m electable, so I can win in November.” News flash: Now that independent voters have gotten to … Continue reading

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