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Conservatism is Dead!

That’s the provocative title of my recent piece at The Federalist, which you should check out if you haven’t seen it yet. Here are some excerpts: [T]here is no conservative movement. The “Reagan coalition” stopped existing as an operational political force … Continue reading

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A Quick Note of Agreement with Mike Masnick

I don’t check my pingbacks very often, because I know everyone who reads this blog (all seven of you!) and so pingbacks don’t usually tell me much.  So I quite failed to notice that my recent piece on net neutrality attracted … Continue reading

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Papa Benny on Animal Rights

Matthew Scully’s opus longum on abortion and animal rights at National Review featured a brief quote from Pope Benedict XVI (among other Catholic thinkers) on Man’s relationship with beasts.  I looked up the full quote for context, and thought it was compelling enough … Continue reading

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Standing by My Man

The last few days have seen an almost unbroken litany of conservative voices condemning the Roberts decision in NFIB v. Sebelius for being political, opportunistic, and incoherent. It has been embarrassing enough to be on the wrong side of Mark … Continue reading

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Reads & Reactions: Executive Overreach

When John Yoo, of all people, tells you that you’ve taken executive authority beyond the bounds of the Constitution, either you’re in a comedy that gets its laughs through dry irony, or you should have serious second thoughts.  Here is … Continue reading

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REACTIONS: Washington is Not Broken Enough

Yuval Levin has an excellent short piece over at National Review today.  (In fact, National Review had a particularly good Monday this week overall; I also recommend the editorial defense of the First Amendment and John Fund’s wonkish breakdown of … Continue reading

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