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Justice Gorsuch and Net Neutrality

Nobody seems to have pointed this out yet, so I guess I might as well put something up quick. President Trump is not a big fan of net neutrality, and his new FCC commissioner, Ajit Pai, is, uh… really not … Continue reading

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Will President Trump Get a Chance to Swing the Supreme Court?

For many of us, the most important issue at stake in last month’s election was the Supreme Court, where judges who primarily attempt to follow the Constitution’s text are currently outnumbered, 5-3, by judges who make other concerns the primary basis … Continue reading

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The Longest Confirmation Battle in History

President John Tyler had a very bad relationship with Congress. Tyler had been elected Vice-President in 1840, and, like many Vice-Presidents, was added to the Whig ticket as an afterthought, his purpose to balance out William Henry Harrison and win votes … Continue reading

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