Roe v. Wade’s “Jane Roe” endorses Ron Paul

…back in 2008, anyway.  Following Roe, Norma McCorvey, aka Jane Roe went on to have her baby, and became a pro-life Christian in the mid-1990s.  She’s very active in the movement.

And, apparently, she’s a Paul fan.  I didn’t know about this until today.  But, since I am always pushing the pro-life cred of my man Paul… and since I am rather annoyed by the sanctimonious twaddle Mr. Santorum was peddling today at the Journal, I figured I’d mention it:

I support Ron Paul for president because we share the same goal, that of overturning Roe v Wade. Ron Paul doesn’t just talk about being pro-life, he acts on it. His voting record truly is impeccable and he undoubtedly understands our constitutional republic and the inalienable right to life for all. Ron Paul is the prime author of H.R. 300, which would negate the effect of Roe v. Wade. As the signor of the affidavit that legalized abortion 35 years ago I appreciate Ron Paul’s action to restore protection for the unborn. Ron Paul has also authored H.R. 1094 in Congress, which seeks to define life as beginning at conception. He has never wavered on the issue of being pro-life and has a voting record to prove it. He understands the importance of civil liberties for all, including the unborn.

Source: Reason.

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