40 Days (of Prayer) for Abortion

Yeah, you read the headline right.  Not 40 Days For Life, not even 40 Days Against Abortion.  40 Days For Abortion.

It’s like if a bunch of people did a 5-kilometer walkathon for lung cancer and donated the proceeds to Marlboro.

Full coverage at LifeSiteNews.  Rest of the flier here.

This is, of course, an attempt to energize the Religious Left the same way Christians have been energized by the annual 40 Days for Life campaign.  This will never happen, for a variety of reasons: (1) the Left is broadly anti-religion, (2) what little Religious Left does exist insists on interpreting the second half of Luke 10:27 so as to entirely exclude the first half, and (3) the Holy Spirit, the source of our energies, opposes abortion, and, if that sounds simple, it is because the Religious Left has sophisticated itself into simple-mindedness.

All the same, prayer never hurts, even when directed toward evil ends.  No prayer — even a devilish mockery of prayer, like this one — is a one-way street, and he who speaks to God runs the risk of God speaking back.  If these clergy allow their heart to occasionally glance up at God, rather than across the street at that growing pro-life movement, or inward at their own pride, the 40 Days For Abortion campaign may be just the thing that begins the process of saving their souls.

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