Return of the Blogroll

I shut down my blogroll a while ago, because I discovered that all the blogs on it had either shut down or gone inactive.  Blogrolls are wonderful tools for sharing and building up blogs that would otherwise remain obscure, but it wasn’t working well for De Civitate.

But now a blog I enjoy — full disclosure, run by a friend of mine — has survived and stayed active for a year (yay), so I have an excuse to bring back the blogroll.  It’s in the right sidebar.  I’m even adding pictures this time.

That’s a very lonely little blogroll.  Just one item.  It needs more.  So: if you have a blog, and it’s a reasonably interesting blog, and it’s not about to roll over and die, and you’re willing to link back to De Civitate from your blog, then get in touch with me ( and we’ll talk about getting you onto my blogroll.

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