Against Trump: A Roundup

I expect to add to this list as the race continues.

First Things: Nikabrik’s Candidate
National Review: Against Trump
National Review: Symposium: Conservatives Against Trump
Ten Pro-Life Women: Dear Iowans Not. Trump.
Matt Walsh: Dear Christians, If You Vote For A Godless Man, You Are Asking For Tyranny
Weekly Standard: King Trump
Sen. Ben Sasse: Tweets Against Trump
Jay Nordlinger: How Trump and Clinton Supporters are Alike
William Kristol: The Confidence Man
David Harsyani: Donald Trump Is Not The Solution To GOP Incompetence
William F. Buckley: On Trump the Demagogue
Weigel, George, et. al.: An Appeal To Our Fellow Catholics
James J. Heaney (as BCSWowbagger2): Trump’s Wall Won’t Stop Abortion

Robert Oscar Lopez: …on an entirely different note, It’s Too Late To Dump on Trump
GitHub: TrumpScript v1.0

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