About James J. Heaney

James Heaney is a software developer.  He maintains this eclectic collection of scattered thoughts he calls a blog because he is an egomaniac, and he is most notable for definitively debunking the bizarrely widespread rumor that it is illegal to marry a virgin in Guam. Mr. Heaney is also the founder and sole member of the James J. Heaney Institute for the Inquiry into Natural Philosophy and Science-y Things, which is a joke surprisingly many people fell for given the name.

When not posting bizarrely detailed breakdowns of things nobody else cares about at De Civitate (that last one is 15,000 words about a state constitutional amendment that never stood a whelk’s chance in a supernova), James is usually working on his award-winning Star Trek fan audio drama, Starship Excelsior (available on iTunes, Google Play, and—right up until the bitter end—Zune).

James knows this would be easier to read if he broke it out into bullet points, but he likes it better this way. If you aren’t willing to work a bit, this blog probably isn’t going to be a great experience for you anyway.

You can write to James at his Gmail account, username “james.j.heaney”.