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Justice Gorsuch and Net Neutrality

Nobody seems to have pointed this out yet, so I guess I might as well put something up quick. President Trump is not a big fan of net neutrality, and his new FCC commissioner, Ajit Pai, is, uh… really not … Continue reading

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Vacate the Nomination

This post was updated on 9 October 2016. Updates are at the bottom. Since winning the nomination, Donald J. Trump has done all of the following: insulted the family of a man who died in service of his country; kicked … Continue reading

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I Supported Affirmative Consent Before It Was Cool (and Then I Gave Up On It)

A couple years ago, I was trying to figure out how best to deal with rape cases.  Rape is simultaneously one of the worst crimes that can be perpetrated against an individual and one of the hardest to punish or … Continue reading

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Net Neutrality: A Sorta-Technical Overview

This is the text of a talk I recently gave at the monthly meeting of Twin Cities Catholic I.T. Professionals, Inc..  It is aimed at computer professionals who want to get a deeper understanding of net neutrality, and goes into … Continue reading

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Why Free Marketeers Want To Regulate the Internet

[If you are more technical-minded, you may prefer my recent presentation to a group of local Catholic I.T. professionals, Net Neutrality: A Sorta-Technical Overview, which covers a lot of the same points in greater detail.] Like most Americans, conservatives do … Continue reading

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I Support the Minnesota Marriage Amendment

I had planned to spend tonight, the last night before the election, finally talking about Minnesota’s Voter ID Amendment, explaining why requiring photographic identification is a wise policy and why the arguments against the amendment are (as I was planning … Continue reading

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The Appropriateness of Constitutional Amendments

In Minnesota’s ongoing debate over the constitutional questions before voters this fall, opponents have occasionally raised a question that has nothing to do with the wisdom of the policies themselves.  “Is it appropriate to enshrine this policy in the Minnesota … Continue reading

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Why Personhood is Right for Wisconsin, Appendix: Further Discussion of the Constitutionality of §939.75(2)(b)(1) if §940.04 is Struck Down

This appendix expands on my discussion, in Part IV, of the constitutionality of §939.75(2)(b)(1) of the Wisconsin Code if the Personhood Amendment passes AND Roe v. Wade is overturned by the Supreme Court at some future date AND abortion-rights advocates … Continue reading

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